Prihláška na Pomocníka

Pomocníci sú hráči, ktorí sú ochotní pomôcť ostatným s akýmikoľvek otázkami o hre s cieľom ukázať im, ako hra funguje.

Pre viac informácií si prečítaj Tému o Pomocníkoch.

General Questions

Your Transformice account name.

This may be used to contact you later on.

Please give your timezone in GMT.

Some examples of things you can talk about are your name, if you have any pets, what you do for work/study, your hobbies, etc. Tell us some things to get to know you a little.

Game-Related Questions

Which game did you start playing, if you tried any others when did you start playing them?

This may depend on if there are holidays coming up, exams, school or work periods, etc.

Explain whether spend time in the tribe house, talking to friends, playing normal rooms, play any minigames, or whatever else you often do ingame.

Do you use either the Atelier 801 forums or CheeseForMice forums? If not, why not, and how do you get news about the game?

If you've spent a lot of time in the map editor, making modules, figuring out fast routes on maps, learn about events quickly or whatever else, explain what kind of help you can specialise in.

Whether you've been given a verbal warning, muted on either the forums or game, or banned ingame, please explain what happened. Note that this will be checked, so please be truthful.

Helper-Related Questions

Explain your purposes for applying to join the team.

List your strengths, explain your reasoning for wanting to join the team, and things that set you above other candidates.

List some of your weaknesses and flaws that you can work on. Be honest and transparent.

By submitting this form, you agree that you've answered all of the questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge.

Pomocníci nie sú zamestnancami Atelier 801 a jedná sa iba o skupinu hráčov, ktorí sa rozhodli pomôcť ostatným. Sú to dobrovoľníci, ktorí boli zorganizovaní inými hráčmi, nie zamestnancami Atelier 801. Nie sú nijak s personálom spojení.